College Coed Humiliated & Shamed by Young Boy
Becky Romero was already embarrassed when she was caught naked in the shower, but then had her bare bottom spanked by a 10-year old boy after she made the mistake of scolding him, leaving her totally humiliatedBecky Romero gets caught naked in shower, then has her bare bottom shamefully spanked by a ten-year old boy

by Dee Dee Randle
December 9, 2007

No doubt, to some of you, the title of this article is what caught your eye and you laughed at the thought of that happening to some young woman you know. But it was no laughing matter when this happened to my close friend, Becky Romero, one year ago. She was 21 at the time and it was an embarrassing, humiliating day for her, one which she still blushes red about to this day whenever the incident is mentioned among friends.

You might ask, ''If she's so embarrassed about what happened, why this web page and if you're her friend, why are you putting all the humiliating details about what happened to her on the web?''

Now that is a much longer story than the short summary I'll provide here, but it still should suffice.

About a year ago, Becky posted a message on what was once a private bulletin board that had become public to a then-friend, Jason Shannon. She had related on what had happened to her shortly after Thanksgiving, when a scheduling mix-up had contractors showing up to do work at her house when she least expected it: while taking a shower.

Cretins and other low-life vermin who had infested our once private site almost immediately began to harass Becky about how she yelled at the plumber's 10-year old son, who had also caught Becky naked.

They accused her of all sorts of untrue things, such as interpreting a few poorly chosen words she had said to the boy while he was urinating into a full-blown inquisition, accusing her of making fun of his small penis and humiliating him (while SHE was the one caught completely NAKED, without having so much as a towel to cover herself with). You might ask why was she watching a young boy urinate. We'll get to that, too.

Becky had also began a public debate with another gutter rat, Bad Girl Spanker, over whether she deserved to be spanked for past behavoir.

[There's plenty about this on our web site, so indulge in it if you must.]

Unfortunately for Becky, one of the incidents Bad Girl Spanker and others pointed to as proof why Becky deserves a spanking (which she would get in person in the nude if she loses the debate) was this incident and how (they say) she overreacted to the young boy seeing her completely naked.

As a result, these vermin hounded Becky relentless about this, wanting to know ever little detail about what happened that, especially as it related to Becky's embarrassment, and punishing her further when she initially refused (you can read about that here).

But eventually a compromise was struck: the incident could not be used in any way in the debate for determining whether Becky should be spanked, but Becky must answer truthfully ever question put to her about the incident, no matter how humiliating.

A trade-off, true, but one which was very difficult for her to discuss publicly as it forced her to admit that the young brat took advantage of a brief opportunity to slap Becky's bare bottom with his bare hand.

Any one with any sense of understanding should see why this was so embarrassing for her to talk about and why I took the task of writing this introduction up (another requirement the cretins placed on Becky, as well as the polls to the right).

So below, you will find the complete account as to what happened that day to Becky, as well as comments by me and our friend, Libby Marr, which further describe the incident. Becky's additional answers to debaters' questions have also been inserted at the appropriate points. All these are the shaded areas that were not part of Becky's original post and were related by her privately to Jason elsewhere or in subsequent posts; so too are the comments by Libby.

[Becky's original post to Jason can be found here, where you can see she purposely omitted the part about having her bare bottom slapped by the young boy due to her embarrassment about it.]

Dee Dee Randle

Posted by BrashyBecky17 on 2006-12-10

Dear Jason,

It looks at if all the jerks here have flown the coup! Good riddens! Just in case, there are some other things I certainly want to keep private just in case, so read my post on Dee Dee's poll.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and forgive me for not taking some time at Kinko's to message you, but you remember the last time I tried that! (that jerk Brent! Remember?)

What a nightmare! If you ever try living in your home while you're remodeling it, DON'T!!!

Money wise, it was O.K. And it really needed it.

But the inconvenience! The contractors finally wrapped it up this week.

We couldn't do it during the summer, since we wanted the income to rent it out. And we couldn't do it during semester break, since we'd be back in Chicago with our families.

Although we did some work ourselves, time permitting (painting, mostly), we had contractors install new kitchen cabinets, stain the hardwood floors, do some tile work, carpeting, re-wiring, new electrical box and the plumbing.

Oh! The plumbing!

It was too difficult for the four of us to stay there with everything from the family room, dining and kitchen tables in two of the bedrooms, so we traded off spending time with Matt and Dee Dee. Either I and Libby would sleep over there or Belinda and Ashley would.

But there was a mix-up on the day the plumbers were supposed to start (which was supposed to have been this past Monday). A week ago Saturday after Libby had left to go shopping, I was alone taking a shower when all of a sudden the water stopped. I couldn't see a damned thing with the shampoo in my eyes, so I'm calling out to Libby not knowing she had already left. We already had to take the bathroom door off to shave the bottom of it because it wouldn't close with the new carpeting. I tried feeling around for a towel, but the cupboard for them was out in the hall. (We had taken down the towel hooks to get ready to paint the bathroom once the plumbers would be done and removed the hooks for the shower curtain because we would be installing a new sliding door set.)

So I walked out into the kitchen calling for Libby when these two guys start whistling at me. It was the plumber and our contractor! And I was standing there, completely naked and dripping wet with soap, water and shampoo.

I screamed, tried to cover myself with my arms and a stupid little dishtowel I grabbed off the sink counter and started yelling at them, ''What the f--- are you doing here?''

The contractor said he left a message the day before that they'd be over early on Saturday morning to start the plumbing (we had given him a key earlier for some of the other work). I yelled at him, ''And how were we supposed to get your message when our electricity was out most of the day?'' (The electrical work was finished up the day before, so our answering machine wasn't working)

I was so peeved that it took about another 30 seconds or so for it to hit me, why the hell am I standing there totally naked arguing with him?

Then I hear the front door opening and another male's voice, walking towards the kitchen. I yelled at the contractor to ''just turn the f------ water back on long enough for me to finish showering'' and then they can get on with the re-piping. He told the plumber (who was now laughing at me!) to go outside and turn the main valve back on as I turned my back towards them and marched back towards the bathroom, using the dish towel to try to clean my burning eyes from shampoo. I then quickly marched back into bathroom and started to cry.

As I'm wiping my face, I hear this trickle of water. Then I realized it wasn't actually a trickle of water and looked up and there's this 10 or 11-year old boy peeing in the toilet, starring at me with his mouth wide open and eyes popping out at me.

I screamed again and tried to cover my breasts and pubes and demanded to know who he was. He said his name was Ernesto and that his father was the plumber. I yelled at him to get out and he yelled back at me, ''No! You get out!'' and he told me not to look at him. (I'm standing there totally naked and he is the one embarrassed?)

By this time the water in the shower came back on and I told him to get out as soon as he was finished.

He kept telling me not to look at him and I finally yelled back at him that he didn't ''have anything big enough down there yet for me to want to look at! Now finish and get out of here!''

I said something very inconsiderate. Yes, I did make a rude remark when he thought I was staring at him peeing and said he needn't worry, that he didn't have anything for me to be interested in down there yet. He didn't get what I meant by that anyway and I was NOT laughing at him and I was NOT TEASING him about his penis size. Just stating a fact and making an observation and trying to get him to hurry up and finish peeing so I could finish my shower.

     Becky Romero, responding to question from a1yitzi

I looked out into the hallway, but decided it wasn't worth the chance trying to make a run to grab a towel from the cupboard in the hallway since three men were now in the kitchen and would have had another clear view of me being naked.

Then the stupid kid pees on the floor because he kept trying to look back at me. I yelled at him to watch his aim. He zipped up his pants and started to leave but I yelled at him to wipe up the floor, which he did with some tissues and then he flushed the toilet. But then he muttered under his breath, ''What a bitch!''

I demanded him to repeat what he said and he actually did! ''I said you're a bitch.''

I yelled at him to get out before I pulled his pants down and gave him a spanking! Big mistake!

As I turned my back to him, stepped over the side of the tub and into the shower spray, the little brat swatted me on my bare butt with his bare hand.

Jason, I can't tell you how embarrassed I was! As embarrassed as I was when Brad spanked me on my 20th birthday, this was so much more humiliating I can't begin to tell you!

I whirled around and just stood there, arms and hands trying to cover myself, totally shocked, with my jaw open as this brat eyed me up and down, just standing there laughing at me.

''Bitch!'' he said again, stuck his tongue out and made some goofy looking faces at me.

I finally tried to pretend I still had some dignity left and stood straight up, put my hands on my hips and glared right back at him. He took that opportunity to get a full eyeful of me, laughed some more and pointed at breasts and at my pubes, until I grabbed a bar of soap and told him I was going to wash his mouth out with it right in front of everyone, whether I had clothes on or not, in about two seconds if he didn't get out. He must have believed me because as soon as I began to put one leg over the bathtub side, he scampered out fast.

     Becky Romero, from her private message to Jason-Shannon

As I stepped back into the shower I heard a man's voice ask the brat in the hallway, ''Where's the bathroom?'' The little brat told the guy ''right down there'' and in about five or six seconds in walks this guy with pipes and tools, takes one look at me in the shower and yells, ''Whoa! Hello, honey! Can I join you?''

By this time, I had given up trying to cover myself. Facing him, in a calm voice I said, ''Just put down the f------ stuff down and get the f--- out of here.''

He looks at me, puts down the pipes and his tools, takes another look and says, ''Gilberto (the plumber) was right. Not only hot but sassy, too!''. Then he leered at me and walked out.

As I showered I did catch the little brat watching me around the doorway. And he made no effort to move when he was caught, until I heard his father yell, ''Ernesto, I'm not going to tell you again!'' (obviously, he had been watching me for a while as I continued to shower).

Becky's friend, Libby, tells the rest of the story:

Shortly after Becky yelled for that worker to get out, I returned from a quick trip to the store. Surprised that our contractor was there, I was even more shocked to find this 10-year old boy boasting of how he was watching ''a naked lady take a shower'' - much to the laughter of several adult male workers standing around in our kitchen.

Then the boy ran down the hallway to the bathroom, to obviously take another peak at my best friend. His father yelled at him to ''get back here'' and into the kitchen. The father then made the comment to me that Becky got caught while looking for a towel. The boy answered, ''Yeah! And she couldn't find one. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!'' He then cupped his hands under his chest as if to indicate a woman's breasts and started wiggling his little butt around the room.

All I could think of was how embarrassed Becky must be right now, naked and essentially stranded in a doorless bathroom with four males in the house. I quickly ran upstairs, grabbed a towel and made my way back downstairs and to the bathroom where Becky was.

As I approached the door, I could hear her swearing under her breath. Her back was towards me, as she rinsed shampoo out of her hair. I couldn't help but feel some of the embarrassment I know that I would have felt if it was me caught under similar circumstances. Besides having my nude photos posted online, I've also had a few embarrassing incidents involving nudity myself. But, thankfully, only a FEW.

Still, I couldn't resist the temptation to do a little teasing of my own to Becky. A low, sweet little whistle from me made her instantly freeze, throwing her arms around her breasts, then whirling around and yelling, ''Get the fuck out...''

Then she saw it was me. She shook her fists at me, then she started, ''Where have you been? I didn't even know you had left! You have no idea what I just went through! I feel soooooo humiliated!''

I held out the towel and Becky grabbed it, briefly toweling off her wet body. I asked her if she wanted me to go get her some clothes from upstairs, but she said, ''No, between those workers and that little Peeping Tom walking down here every minute, I might as well get dressed in front of them. Let's head upstairs. I'd rather get dressed where there's a door I can close!''

Becky wrapped the towel around her (as I walked behind her, I was sorry that in my haste I hadn't got her a larger towel) walked down the hall and into the kitchen. The only way to get to the staircase from that part of the house was through the kitchen. It was also where all three men (our contractor, the plumber and another worker), as well as 10-year old Ernesto were standing or sitting around).

As Becky, head down and blushing from embarrassment, walked past them, Ernesto suddenly reached out and grabbed Becky's towel, immediately exposing her pubes and one of her breasts, before pulling it off completely and allowing it to fall to the floor. As Becky screamed in shock and humiliation, she briefly tried to cover herself with her arms before running into the next room and up the stairs.

At first, I ran to console my best friend, hearing Gilberto yell at his son as I left the room. Then I heard the boy scream. I turned back into the room and saw the boy's pants and underpants at his ankles, totally exposed, with his father behind him and slapping the boy's bare butt with his belt.

It was horrible!

I yelled, ''Stop that!'' The boy looked up and our eyes met and his humiliation at me seeing him naked was painfully obvious. I yelled again at the plumber and quickly moved over to him and grabbed his arm before he struck the boy again. The boy's bare butt had several bright red strap marks across it.

Not that I didn't think the boy should be punished, but like that? Not if I could help it!

''Just what the FUCK do you think you're doing!'' I ripped the belt from Gilberto's hands, stunning him, and threw it down into the corner across the room. Our contractor then stepped between the boy and father.

''You could be charged with child abuse for hitting him like that!' WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!'' I yelled.

All of a sudden, you could feel the shame the boy's father felt and he actually started to cry. I yelled at him again, ''Get out of here!'' and our contractor put his arm around Gilberto's shoulder and ushered him outside for a chat.

The other guy just stood there, taking it all in, still with a perverted grin on his face from seeing Becky naked - AGAIN!

I sat down on a chair and called Ernesto over to me. The boy was embarrassed as hell, tears rolling down his face. He was trying to hide his penis, but I put his arms up and then pulled up his underpants. He winced in pain (and shame), then I pulled up his pants. I gave him a kiss on the forehead and tried to reassure him that he would be O.K. He was crying and shaking like a leaf.

Our contractor then returned with the boy's father. I shot Gilberto an angry look, even as he mumbled that he was sorry. ''Don't say it to me, you idiot!'' and pointed over to his son. Our contractor said he'd take it from there and nothing more would happen to the boy. I felt confident enough at that point to head upstairs to check in on Becky.

I found Becky in her room sitting on her bed, naked, blow-drying her hair.

I told her that Ernesto really got it, but she (not knowing how bad) initially said, ''And I'm supposed to feel sorry for him? You saw what he did!''

Then I told her what happened. She was immediately as horrified about it as I was. I instantly knew why: it brought back horrible memories of her witnessing her younger brother Matt getting the strap, hand or anything else that was handy from their step dad.

Now do you guys get it?

Despite her huge embarrassment, that wasn't why Becky regretted what she said to embarrass the boy. She regrets it for what happened to Ernesto because of the situation which spiraled from those comments.

As Becky had quickly calmed down from her own embarrassment, she suddenly looked away from me and sighed, blushing. I turned around and there's Ernesto in the doorway, staring right between Becky's legs, which she quickly closed.

I scolded him, ''It's not polite to enter a room without knocking, young man!''

He quickly said he was sorry, but added that the door was already open. (that was my fault)

Then Becky scolded him, ''What do you want now?''

Ernesto said that his father told him he should immediately apologize to Becky for embarrassing her.

Becky blushed and said, ''Well, you know, you could have waited until I got dressed first!''

I couldn't help but notice how Ernesto was trying to avoid eye contact with me and kept looking at Becky instead. True, Becky was naked, but it was more than that. Ernesto was also feeling his own shame of being seen naked.

Then Ernesto told Becky that unless she forgave him for what he did, he was afraid he was going to get punished even more. He started to cry hard and was shaking a little.

Becky then stood up, covered her breasts with one arm, her pubes with another and started lecturing him.

''You really hurt my feelings with the name you called me. Did you tell your father what you said and what you did, sending that other man into the bathroom to see me undressed?''

I sat down on the bed and called the boy over to me. His face blushed as I insisted that he look at me. I told him that if Becky was a mean-spirited person, she would be laughing at him right now, wanting to see him get strapped again. ''Do you think she wants to see that happen to you?''

''No,'' he softly answered.

Then I hit home. I asked him how he felt being naked in front of me. His eyes immediately looked down to the floor and he whispered something. I asked him several more times and made him look me in the eye with his answer, which was one word: ''Ashamed.''

So, I then asked him how did he think Becky felt being seen naked by him, his father and the two other men.


''Why?'' I asked.

''Because she's not wearing no clothes,'' he said.

''Then why did you do that [pulling Becky's towel off] to her?'' I asked.

''Because it was funny,'' he answered, honestly.

Walking around behind Becky, I quickly grabbed her arms and held them behind her back.

''Well, look at her. She's not wearing any clothes now. Aren't you going to laugh at her?'' I asked, trying to hold back my grins at Becky who was more than a little annoyed that I had the nerve to do and say that and who gave up struggling after a few second as I held her arms firmly behind her.

Ernesto took in the view, his eyes darting up and down from Becky's boobs to her pubes, with a slight grin growing wider until I said, ''Well? Why aren't you laughing at her now?''

''Because you saw me,'' was Ernesto's surprising answer.

OK, I thought. We're making progress.

At that point, I released Becky's arms. She gave me a dirty look and then sat on the bed, pouting, eventually grabbing a towel and draped it around her neck, not even bothering to fully cover her exposed breasts. But she did belatedly shut her legs closed when she saw Ernesto steal a glimpse of her womanhood.

Then, as innocently and with a slight grin on my face and a tickle under his chin, I said, '''Oh, so if I hadn't seen your little pee-pee you'd be laughing at my friend right now?'

Wow! Did he face ever blush! But he understood that I was teasing him as much as scolding him, embarrassing him to teach him a lesson.

That's when he answered, ''No. Because what I didn't wasn't nice.''


Becky looked over to me, nodding Mission Accomplished.

She said, ''Alright, Ernesto. I accept your apology. But you really hurt my feelings with what you said. That hurt me more than you pulling off my towel or you seeing me naked.''

With that, the boy ran over to Becky and threw his arms around her waist, giving her a tight hug.

Becky hugged him back, but the boy didn't let go. Finally, she said, ''Ernesto. It's O.K. Now, can I please put my clothes on?''

He then backed away, smiling, taking another look at Becky before she could throw her hands down to regain her modesty down there and shot an embarrassed look over to me.

I grinned and said, ''O.K. Come on, Ernesto. I think there's some milk and cookies downstairs.''

As we left the room, Becky didn't notice that the boy turned back around to catch her bending over when she got up and walked over to her dresser to pull a pair of panties and bra out of a lower drawer.

The next day, as the work continued on our plumbing, Ernesto went around the neighborhood picking flowers and presented them to Becky.

O.K.? Now you all know. So now you can stop asking the same questions over and over like a broken record.

Becky agreed to answer questions about spanking, depantsing jerks at our old high school and debate this whole issue in a good faith attempt to prove once and for all that she's a good, kind and decent person. That she's not the kind of girl who throws herself at strangers, asking them to spank her as Bad Girl Spanker insinuates. She's generous to a fault, compassionate and caring. In no way shape or form does she deserve to be the object of a sexually humiliating punishment at your hands or the hands of anyone.

But some of you perverts insist that she must somehow enjoy the attention and WANT IT (''the spanking'') given that she allows herself to be subjected to this constant scorn, criticism and hateful, sexually harassing posts.

The truth is that Becky is a very prideful person and has never been one to back away when challenged, either physically or verbally.

Although Becky knows that I have strong doubts whether this will ultimately prove to be an exercise in utter futility, I can no longer stand by and let Bad Girl Spanker and the rest of you perverts twist and distort the truth.

I'm not going to reply to every little thing you perverts have to say. In fact, I may not reply at all. But, I had to set the record straight on this incident.

Libby Marr

     *     *     *     *     *     *

When we all were talking about it later in the week, my sister Ashley pointed out that with the boy hanging around his father and his father's workers, that's where he probably picked up that derogatory term he used against Becky.

But what really got to Becky and made her really breakdown and cry was when the boy, on his own, the next day brought her a handful of flowers. They were practically half-dead from the weather and he had pulled then up from in front of a couple neighboring yards. But Becky said that was a nicer thought than a whole bouquet of store-bought flowers.

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What's being said about Becky Romero and her nude photos (they were posted on the web by jerks at her former high school)

Becky iz bitch like infidel woman soldiers who strip muslim men naked.

If the girls like stripping men so much they deserve to be stripped

The girls did act like little bitches so maybe a little nakedness on the WWW will do them good. Especially the one who pulled down that little boys swim pants.

Becky was bragging about her first 'depantsing'... two boys ages 11-12. Guess karma finally sprang up and bit her in the ass big time. I got no sympathy for the bitch and hope those boys find her nude pics on the net one day.

Becky pulling down that little innocent boy's swimming trunks and completely exposing and humiliating him in front of all those girls at the pool. What a bitch!

Becky is in need of a taste of her own medicine... [make] her do some knob polishing on those two young lads that she probably scarred for life.

I remember Becky taunting that if anybody had nude pictures of her they should just put them up. I guess she got her wish and probably wishes she hadn't. Nice boobs though. Too bad those 2 kids at the swimming poll she got stripped naked in front of their friends and families and spanked won't get to see them after all the trouble they took to try and get her top off. It's the least they deserve after what they went through.

Funny how things work out nicely. You chicks stripped the guys but now your nude pics are all over the net. And yes Becky - you should be spanked. Naked and in public.

I can't make up my mind who's the bigger bitch, libby or becky.

Really nice rack [Becky's] got!
--beer man2...U.S.

Becky deserves to have her nude pics posted. Totally humiliate the bitch!

I wuz checing out earlier today the nude pics of Becky on a XXX site I came across. ...What a rack! Nice pussy too, although I prefer the shaven look.

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Becky Romero, topless"Hindsight"

By Becky Romero
Fall 2013

Yes, plenty of guys hate me because I'm outspoken. They hate me because I've depantsed jerks at school. And, yes, they hate me because I refuse to be sexually submissive to them.

But it seems that more than anything else, they hate me because of an incident back in 2000 when two little brats got their swimming trunks pulled down by their moms and spanked in front of everyone at a public pool after one of them had swam up behind me and untied my bikini top, leaving my teenage breasts completely uncovered and totally exposed to anyone looking as I stood in the shallow end of the pool.

In fact, I've been told more than once that I deserve to basically be stripped naked at a public pool myself and be spanked mercilessly as retribution and payback for what happened to those two boys. One guy, who calls himself Bad Girl Spanker, even went so far as to publish on the web a lengthy story (or perhaps a more of a 'playbook' for young men who I might encounter at a public pool) as to what he'd like to see happen to me:
Becky stood shivering in the cold night air. She held one arm awkwardly over her breasts and the other clenched between her thighs. Her eyes looked anxiously in every direction.

She had never imagined she would meet those boys from the swimming pool again. And she had certainly never considered what a difference six years might make. In her mind they had been the little kids in the pool still. Now they were eighteen year olds. Now they were bigger and stood taller than her.

Becky had not connected them at first to those two rowdy little kids at the swimming pool. She had even thought one was kind of cute with his swimmer's build. That was until he swam under her and she felt strong hands on the back of her swimsuit bottoms and then before she could even gasp, they came down and she was left naked...
And that isn't even the half of it! Being stripped and spanked is just part of the degrading humiliation guys like Bad Girl Spanker would plan for me. Because just as Ouched was able to bask in personal satisfaction in coaching the worthless assholes who humiliated my best friend Libby, for several years I honestly believed that Bad Girl Spanker would no doubt have been overjoyed beyond belief if his story about me had came to fruition. It's part of the reason for years that I wouldn't talk about how those two boys ultimately degraded me in a way that even turned Bad Girl Spanker's stomach.

At the same time, a decade of perspective and reflection and the benefit of hindsight has made me question the wisdom of enjoying those boys' getting their embarrassing spankings that day. At least enough to make myself open to criticism and ponder the alternative: that it was me who should have received a very public bare bottom spanking that day.

So, I ask, was I right in teaching that boy an embarrassing lesson on why he shouldn't go around untying teenage girls' bikini tops and exposing their breasts to everyone in a public pool?

Or was I wrong and would you have liked to have seen his mom hauled me over her knee, tore off MY bikini, spanked MY bare bottom in front of everyone and sent ME home naked and blushing - to teach ME an embarrassing lesson instead?

Becky Romero

Several years later when I was 18, I encountered that boy and his friend at that same public pool when they were young teenagers and was suddenly overpowered.

(Oh, in truth, how I'd much rather what Bad Girl Spanker wrote have had happened to me instead! If he only knew at the time how badly I'd have preferred his vision of my comeuppance to have occurred instead of what really happened.)

Should those boys have been freely permitted to take whatever liberties they wished with me to 'get even'? When they began groping and spanking me, would you have helped me and came to my defense or merely stood by, perhaps take pictures, saying it serves me right?

And with a dirty jock strap stuffed into my mouth to ensure my silence, when they decided that I needed to be given the ultimate degradation, would you have answered my muffled pleas for help if you heard them or agreed with them that the 'bitch' is finally getting what she deserves?